Miami University gets $1m from Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback

Ben Roethlisberger, star quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers and his wife Ashley will donate a cool million dollars to Roethlisberger’s alma mater. The gift is to go towards the school’s indoor sports center and in honor of the gift, the 120-yard field inside will be now be called “Ben Roethlisberger Field.

Miami athletics director David Sayler said, “This gift continues our vision to make a difference in the lives of our student-athletes and that includes winning MAC Championships. I am thankful that both Ben and Ashley share in that same vision.”

The donation is the latest in a trend of notable alumni making large gifts to their former schools and reiterates the need for fundraising and development teams to focus on building and maintaining close relationships with their students, during and after their time at their schools. To ensure that your team is doing everything possible to cultivate relationships with your alumni, ensure that you have their most up-to-date employment information on hand and register  for a relationship mapping service such as Prospect Visual to help you identify how you can reach out to them.


Hong Kong billionaire donates $20m to a US University

This morning the Wall Street Journal reported that Hong Kong billionaire Ronnie Chan was to donate $20 million to the University of Southern California’s occupational science and therapy program.

If you’re feeling a some deja vu reading that headline, it might be because it comes less than two weeks after Chan’s brother Gerald Chan made the news by making a $350 million gift to Harvard University.

Ronnie Chan said in a statement, “”I am grateful for the opportunities that USC afforded me and my sons, and our gift to the division is one of several ways we intend to continue supporting USC in the future.”

It’s clear both brothers are dedicated to the schools whom they credit with helping them get where they are. As we hear more of international donations such as these, it’s becoming more and more apparent that universities need to ensure that they make a strong effort to maintain relationships with alumni in foreign countries to make certain that they don’t lose track of a fertile pool of prospects.

Record donations to colleges reported by Washington Post

Until recent times, public universities have faced less pressure to raise money than private ones. But that is changing in a new era of limits on state funding.

– Nick Anderson via

In this article posted yesterday, the Washington Post discusses the growing number of donations to colleges in DC, Maryland Virginia. Click here to read the original article.



NewsVisual: Stanford University raises over $1 billion in a year, picking up a $151 million gift from John Arrillaga along the way. Prospect Visual shows the connections that may have made that happen.

University donations are at an all time high and Stanford University led the pack with over $931.57 million donated over the course of 2013.

Stanford was helped on its way to the top by being one of only 3 institutions to receive and individual donation of over $100 million. This came from philanthropist John Arrillaga a long time donor for university.

Below, an image from Prospect Visual shows the mutual connections and overlapping relationships that have resulted in such a close relationship between Arrillaga and the school.