100% accurate Alumni Append for Educational Institutions from Prospect Visual

“We’ve been working very closely with educational institutions on relationship mapping projects for a long time and, as a result, we appreciate how important alumni employment data is to their fundraising efforts. As more and more people put their information online, we have found ourselves in a unique position to help universities and other educational institutions by using our proprietary data-gathering software to scrub the web for that information.

“We estimate that we can deliver profiles on 35-50% of an institution’s entire alumni database, and we guarantee both 100% accuracy and a high match rate. Most importantly – because we understand how important it is to have the most current information – our service also includes quarterly updates to highlight any changes that have taken place after the initial delivery of the data.”

Tatia Zuloaga, Director of Sales & Marketing via www.prospectvisual.com



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University of Redlands gets $35m from former Board Members

During Homecoming celebrations this Saturday,  it was announced that the University of Redlands has created a scholarship program with the help of a $35 million donation from Richard Hunsaker and his wife Virginia.

The scholarship will be named the Richard and Virginia Hunsaker Scholarship Fund and will benefit future students of College of Arts and Sciences.

The Hunsakers are very important donors for the University of Redlands. Both are former students at the school who graduated in 1952 and both have previously served on the school’s Board of Trustees. As a result both will have relationships with high-level constituents at the school.

This connections report from Prospect Visual shows the links between Richard Hunsaker and the university’s existing and past board members – and gives us a clue as to why the Hunsakers continue to enjoy a close relationship with their alma mater.

Redlands - Hunsaker

The Wilson Family & their connections to Duke University

A few days ago we posted an article about the relationship between the University of Tennessee and the Haslam family. A connection which has resulted in a series of generous donations for the school.

Today we wanted to take a look at Duke University and their relationship to the Wilson family. Below is a relationship report generated by Prospect Visual revealing the connections between the school and Gary L Wilson.


The report shows many strong connections – and no wonder.  The Wilsons have a long history with Duke. Gary Wilson, a running back on the football team for two championship years, was a ’62 graduate of Trinity college. Derek Wilson earned a bachelor of arts degree in economics from Duke in 1986 and an MBA from The Fuqua School of Business in 1990. Derek’s mother, Susan Moody Wilson, also graduated from the Woman’s College at Duke in 1962. His daughter, Trinity, is currently a student there too.

How has the relationship benefitted Duke?

If you’re a regular reader you already know that we believe that relationships can be a powerful philanthropic catalyst. So we weren’t surprised to discover that Duke’s strong links to the Wilson family has been extremely beneficial to the school.

This year alone, the Wilson family has committed a $3 million to Duke University. Previously Derek Wilson and his wife Christen have donated two works of art to the Nasher Museum and contributed to the purchase of three others. Wilson is also a founding board member of Fuqua’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. The family donated $5 million in 1996 to fund the construction of The Wilson Recreation Center and last year.

That Duke understands the importance of maintaining their links with the Wilsons is evident in the fact that they have not hesitated to honor the family by putting their name on the projects that have supported. In fact a gate at the newly renovated Wallace Wade Stadium is due to be named for the Wilson family in honor of Gary’s $2 million gift to Duke Athletics last year.

What does this mean for your organization?

All of the above reiterates the importance of cultivating and maintaining relationships with high-capacity donors. It can be a mammoth task – especially if you’re not exactly sure about your institutions connections.

That’s where a relationship mapping product such as Prospect Visual can help, allowing you to identify relationships quickly and accurately and ensuring that you are aware of the prospects who are within your reach and the relationships that can help you engage them.

If you’d like to find out more, feel free to get in touch right now.


Who helped University of Hawaii on their way to reach a record $98.6m in donations?

Last week it emerged that the University of Hawaii Foundation had ended their fiscal year on June 30th, with a fundraising record of $98.6 million in gifts and donations.

Just under half those gifts are to be directed towards research programs at UH with student aid and faculty and academic support being the next greatest beneficiaries.

Where did these donations come from?

About 60% of the donations made to the University came from local Hawaii individuals, businesses and grants, demonstrating the UH Foundation’s success in developing strong links within their community. However a particularly large donation –  a $40 million gift to marine life studies – came from the Simons Foundation, based in New York.

Wondering how UH earned their patronage? A clue can be provided by the Prospect Visual map below which shows that several members of the UH Foundation Board have strong connections to one very important contact – the philanthropist James Harris Simons, chairman of the Simons Foundation. Proof once again of the importance of relationships







Press Release: IntellectSpace announces Hubmap – the next generation in Relationship Mapping

Seattle, WA – Seattle-based relationship mapping firm IntellectSpace today announced that this Fall it will begin the beta-testing phase of a powerful new addition to its portfolio of relationship mapping solutions. The product – called Hubmap – will be available as an extension to existing Prospect Visual users who have been selected as beta-testers.

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A Fantastic Prospect Research Event!

Thank you to APRA for hosting a great event for the Prospect Research community!

It was wonderful to meet all of you who dropped by to say “Hi” this year. We had a great time getting to know you and giving you a sneak peak of Hubmap – the next generation in relationship mapping.

iPad Winner!

We had a lot of fun hosting the iPad Mini competition and would like to send out a  special thanks  to Jill Meister who helped us with the prize drawing… And of course,  we’d like to  say  congratulations to this year’s winner – Cari Maslow from Carnegie  Museums! 

If you’ve got any questions about Prospect Visual please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Trustees – A Vital Nonprofit Treasure

Trustees are at the heart of all organizations and the more engaged your trustees are in your fundraising, the better.

Institute of Fundraising

The role of the Trustee within a nonprofit organization is a varied one. Sometimes they form a crucial part of the leadership structure, providing advice and steering the organization forward… and sometimes their role is less involved.

However, studies have shown that prospective donors are significantly more likely to donate when approached by a peer as opposed to a fundraiser. This makes an organization’s network of relationships a vital asset. And, when it comes to Trustees, it means that influential members with substantial social capital can provide a considerable advantage when trying to engage new donors.

Getting Help from a Trustee

In spite of the fact that Trustees represent significant potential for success for a nonprofit,  they still tend to be underused when it comes to fundraising – their treasure trove of connections remaining an untapped resource for most development teams. Often this is because it is simply too difficult to identify which of a Trustee’s relationships can make a difference

There are methods of overcoming such obstacles, however.

Advanced Relationship Mapping services have been developed that can provide the ability to analyze networks and identify a Trustee’s relationships to potential prospects. They can even help an organization to evaluate and select influential trustees in the first place.

And – as competition in the nonprofit arena becomes more and more fierce – it is simply no longer an option to ignore the benefit that a Trustee and his relationships can bring.

$17 Million Ensures That Curtain Doesn’t Close On Chicago Symphony Orchestra

The Zell Family Foundation has recently made a donation of $17 Million to the Chicago Symphony Orchestra which marks one of the largest single gift amounts ever donated to the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. The Zell Foundation’s $17 million gift is helping the association establish in perpetuity its first named music director in CSO history.

What’s the Reason Behind This Large Donation?

For starters, Sam and Helen Zell have been financial supporters of the CSO for more than a decade, underwriting concerts and programs. Furthermore, as Sam Zell (who is now 72 and estimated to be worth $4.5 Billion by Forbes) and his wife Helen start to age, they have begun to hit the prime time for their donations to start hitting new levels.

Another reason that we can assume was a key factor in the Zell family’s decision to make the large contribution was the fact that, as we can see via the relationship map below provided by Prospect Visual, Helen Zell is extremely well connected to many members of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra’s Board of Directors and Trustees.

Zell foundation and CSO



NewsVisual: Harvard University receives $150 Million from Citadel CEO. Prospect Visual shows the relationships behind the donation.

Last Friday, Harvard University was the beneficiary of a $150 million donation from Kenneth Griffin,  founder and CEO of Citadel Advisors LLC.

The gift is mainly to support student aid and is the largest in the history of Harvard College (the university’s undergraduate school). This donation will help the expansion of the financial aid program that Harvard President Drew Faust has implemented.

“Ken Griffin’s extraordinary philanthropy is opening Harvard’s gates wider to the most talented students in the world, no matter their economic circumstances,” said Faust.

Griffin graduated with a degree in economics from Harvard College and has several other connections to the school. Prospect Visual reveals some of the strongest overlapping relationships that may have helped influence his generous donation to his alma mater.

NewsVisual: Who will benefit from Whatsapp’s windfall?

Yesterday’s news about the unprecedented price paid by Facebook to acquire the Whatsapp messaging service left us wondering – what are the people behind Whatsapp going to do with all that money?!

Will they donate some of it? And if so, who will be the benefactors? Here’s an image from Prospect Visual that shows why Stanford might have been especially happy while reading the news yesterday…

Brian Acton is a Whatsapp co-founder – reportedly now a billionaire. And who is Jim Goetz? A prominent Whatsapp Board member and investor. A couple of days ago we posted an article on Stanford’s highly successful year of fundraising – US $1 billion in 2012-2013… Looks like they’ve got a chance to continue 2014 in the same vein!