International Donations to US Colleges – what’s the story?

After the excitement of two major donations from Hong Kong brothers and businessmen Gerald and Ronnie Chan to two US universities, we got to thinking about international donations in general and about Hong Kong in particular.

Well it seems we weren’t the only ones getting curious because the Wall Street Journal published an article a couple of days ago about just this topic. Take a look below to read a summary of the numbers their analysis revealed! (And if you want to take a look at the original article: click here)

International Donations to US Universities: A Summary

  • Largest source of gifts to US colleges: Hong Kong
  • Amount donated between Jan 2007 and Nov 2012: $181 million
  • Hong Kong donations = 17% of total international donations to US Universities
  • Beneficiaries of HK donations, ranked by amount received:
    1. Princeton University – $67.6 million
    2. Stanford University –  $39.3 million
    3. UC Berkeley – $28.8 million
    4. Harvard – $19.6 million*

*Note: Harvard numbers do not include Gerald Chan’s recent $350m donation

So what does this all mean?

In a nutshell – it’s time for US colleges to make a concerted effort to identify and keep track of their connections to international alumni. A relationship mapping service such as Prospect Visual can be a great way to start.

Re-engaging Lost & Lapsed Alumni

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