Do You Know Which New Parents will become Great Prospects?

It’s that time of the year again – a brand new intake of students are stepping into their classrooms and dorm rooms… And with them they’re bringing into the community – metaphorically of course! – their parents. For Development teams this can be an exciting yet daunting time. Parent giving is a crucial part of the development process and yet it can be a bit hit and miss.

Even if a new parent is identified as having the capacity to make a major gift, making the first approach can be difficult for a fundraiser. These parents after all, haven’t had the time to develop a sentimental connection with their children’s new schools.

But there’s still one more factor to consider… Relationships!

Relationships are the game changer you’ve been looking for. If a new parent has a connection to one of your institution’s existing donors, enlist their help to gain an introduction and suddenly it becomes almost two hundred times more likely that your new parent will be inclined to make a gift to your school.

So, if you want to identify the great new prospects hidden within your new parent pool – contact our team of relationship mapping experts at Prospect Visual now!



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