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Not so very long ago, finding connections was limited in scope and extremely tedious. Now, using Prospect Visual, I can identify possible connections and then dig a little deeper to verify them. It’s as transformative to my work in research as the microwave was to home cooking!

– Jennifer Filla, Aspire Research Group (Blog:

Press Release: Prospect Visual gets expanded data coverage for EMEA countries

Seattle, WA – This week, IntellectSpace announced that its global database will now include more relationship data from Europe, the Middle East, and African countries. The database – already the largest existing one of its kind – is the basis for several IntellectSpace products, including its flagship relationship mapping platform Prospect Visual.

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TE Connectivity acquires Measurement Specialties Inc. Discover the relationships behind the deal.

Recently, Swiss-based TE Connectivity announced that they had finalized an agreement to acquire Measurement Specialties for approximated $1.7 billion. In this post we’ll take a look at the two companies and the relationships that allowed the acquisition to happen.

The Companies

TE Connectivity, Ltd. designs and manufactures components and products for across several industries including automotive, data communication systems, consumer electronics, telecommunications, defense, medical etc.

The acquisition of Measurement Specialties, a global designer and manufacturer of sensors and sensor-based systems is, according to TE Connectivity CEO, Tom Lynch, “a key part of our strategy to be a leader in the very attractive, high-growth sensor industry and adds nearly $40 billion to our addressable market.”

In a Press Release on June 18th, the company shared the strategic rationale behind the acquisition which includes using the combination of TE’s sensor business with Measurement Specialties’ leading range of sensors and sensor systems to establish a leadership position for TE in the otherwise segmented sensor market.

The Role of Relationships

For an acquisition such as this, an organization’s relationship capital can often play a crucial role. When companies are in the process of planning a merger or an acquisition, connections between key people can be pivotal when it comes to bringing the deal to the table and getting it closed.

Who made this deal happen?

An image taken from a Prospect Visual relationship report gives us a snapshot of some of the mutual connections between the TE Connectivity Board and Measurement Specialties Inc.


This Path Flow map gives us some insight into who may have helped the deal reach its successful conclusion.

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News Visual: Billionaire Philanthropist Continues to Lead the Way In Giving

At age 56, David Tepper has earned an impressive title that not many others will ever be able to identify with. Tepper has earned the title of being the highest paid hedge fund manager in America in 2013. Oh, and did we forget to mention that Tepper has earned this title for each of the last three years?

A History of Giving

What proves to be even more impressive than Tepper’s dedication to being the best in his field is his dedication to philanthropy. Having founded his own charitable foundation in 1997, the David Tepper Charitable Foundation, just four years after starting his own hedge fund Appaloosa Management, it is evident that Tepper is a man of giving.

Where Does the Money Go?

His largest donations by far have gone to his alma mater the Carnegie Mellon’s business school (which is now named the Tepper School of Business) where he has donated a staggering total of $125 million. The relationship map below taken from Prospect Visual shows us how Tepper’s relationships to key connections at Carnegie Mellon help reinforce the desire to give back.