Wayne State University receives $8.5 million boost from Entertainment Entrepreneurs

Last week Wayne State University announced that their Medical school had received a generous $8.5 million donation from Michael and Marian Ilitch – the couple behind fast food franchise Little Caesars Pizza & the owners of  NHL team, Detroit Red Wings.

“We think of this [donation] as an investment in the future of health care that will support a great educational institution and benefit the people of Detroit, the state of Michigan and beyond.”

– Michael Ilitch, Entrepreneur & Philanthropist

Why WSU?

Regular readers might guess what’s coming next. Take a look at this  image from Prospect Visual. It shows a map of the couple’s connections to WSU and reveals that they have several strong connections to prominent Wayne State University constituents. Illitch WSU

Prominent individuals such as Michael and Marian Ilitch are ideal prospects due to their capacity and their inclination to give back to their community. However this means that they are almost always being approached by fundraisers who wish to engage them. Studies have shown that relationships such as those highlighted in the map above, can often be the deciding factor when it comes to decided where and who to give to.

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