Funny Man Bill Cosby Donates More Than Laughs

Comedian, Philanthropist, and Temple University Alumnus Bill Cosby has recently volunteered to hold a benefit concert to help raise money for the Temple Men’s Gymnastics team in order to keep the sport from going from a varsity level sport, to a club sport status.

Where Does the Cos Come In?

Facing a $200,000+ deficit in expenses to operate the program, coach Fred Turoff was at a lost as to how he could find a way to keep the program running. However, using his networking abilities and key relationships, Turoff was able to make his way to a key Temple alum, Bill Cosby. Cosby has agreed to host a benefit concert along with other notable Temple alums in the hopes of saving the men’s gymnastics program.

Why Did He Choose to Help?

Although Bill Cosby may have never been a gymnast at Temple, his love for his alma matter remains strong. We see that Cosby is still very well connected to many members of Temple’s Board through this relationship map provided by Prospect Visual below.



Find the original story here!


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