Trustees – A Vital Nonprofit Treasure

Trustees are at the heart of all organizations and the more engaged your trustees are in your fundraising, the better.

Institute of Fundraising

The role of the Trustee within a nonprofit organization is a varied one. Sometimes they form a crucial part of the leadership structure, providing advice and steering the organization forward… and sometimes their role is less involved.

However, studies have shown that prospective donors are significantly more likely to donate when approached by a peer as opposed to a fundraiser. This makes an organization’s network of relationships a vital asset. And, when it comes to Trustees, it means that influential members with substantial social capital can provide a considerable advantage when trying to engage new donors.

Getting Help from a Trustee

In spite of the fact that Trustees represent significant potential for success for a nonprofit,  they still tend to be underused when it comes to fundraising – their treasure trove of connections remaining an untapped resource for most development teams. Often this is because it is simply too difficult to identify which of a Trustee’s relationships can make a difference

There are methods of overcoming such obstacles, however.

Advanced Relationship Mapping services have been developed that can provide the ability to analyze networks and identify a Trustee’s relationships to potential prospects. They can even help an organization to evaluate and select influential trustees in the first place.

And – as competition in the nonprofit arena becomes more and more fierce – it is simply no longer an option to ignore the benefit that a Trustee and his relationships can bring.

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