Social Media: The Growing Limitations

From Social Media to Relationship MappingSocial media has changed our lives. It’s changed how we connect to our friends, our colleagues, our family, and even to consumers. But as it becomes an integral part of maintaining relationships, are we discovering its growing limitations?

Our belief in the inherent value of relationships is a key element in the rise of social media. That same belief also leads us to the inevitable discovery of its weaknesses.

If you’re a believer in the value of relationships, you might have found yourself using various forms of social media and professional profile sites (e.g., LinkedIn) to attempt to manage and grow your own relationships. You will no doubt have discovered that these services help you manage who you know as well as help you grow your network by identifying new connections.

However, in the process you may have discovered that social media struggles to deliver the ability to actually capitalize on those relationships in a professional arena – whether you’re looking for an introduction to a prospect or you just want to get a foot in the door somewhere.

So if you’re an entrepreneur, fundraiser, or sales and/or marketing professional, you’ve probably realized by now that managing your relationships through social media is not enough. What you’re missing is the ability to use your existing relationships to find connections to your targets.

So, what you’re really looking for is a Relationship Mapping service – which can connect the dots to help you do just that.

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