NewsVisual: Sunderland Foundation donates $2 million to University of Kansas Hospital – why did they do it?

Earlier this week it was announced that the University of Kansas Hospital was to be the beneficiary of a $2 million gift donation from the Sunderland Foundation. The gift is to help the Hospital with its expansion plans.

Who’s behind the donation?

The Sunderland Foundation is fronted by brothers, Kent and Charles. Charles Sunderland is the Chairman of Ash Grove Cement Co., and his brother Kent is the Vice Chairman.

The donation is not surprising considering Charles Sunderland is a long serving member of the University of Kansas Hospital Authority Board. However in addition to that, a quick glance at the image from Prospect Visual shows that both brother also have further connections to other constitents and donors of the University of Kansas.

Sunderland - UofKH

Charles Sunderland in particular seems to share a strong connection with Greg Graves, who only last month donated $1 million to the Hospital himself.

When we look into these interconnecting relationships it seems we can identify the influencers behind the Sunderland brothers’ generosity.

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