Making Sense of Chaotic Data

by Gerry

chaotic dataAccording to Wikipedia, in 2013, the World Wide Web has been estimated to contain 4 zettabytes. For a little bit of a comparison (I’ll save you the calculations), 4 zettabytes is 250 billion iPads (16GB) of storage. If you were to place each of the iPads end to end, you could wrap around the widest part of the Earth 1,490 times!

So how do we organize all this data into useful information?

At Prospect Visual, we filter unstructured data based on sources. We exclusively take information from SEC filings, Businessweek, press releases, company websites, and Businesswire. This process allows us to gather information via automation.

Our natural language processor (NLP) then pulls the information from the article into structured fields and cross-references these fields with the current database for duplicates.

The fields of information are then processed by our software and then turned into the final product: a connection with strength, sources, and visuals.

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