NewsVisual: White & Case LLP recognized by University of Miami School of Law for major gift. How are the two connected?

Yesterday the University of Miami Law school revealed that law firm White & Case LLP has made a major gift donation as part of Momentum2: The Breakthrough Campaign of the University of Miami.

Donation details – The extent of the gift

According to the University,  the donation will provide  important resources for the development of the LL.M. degree program, an endowed scholarship and an an annual lecture series. White & Case partners will also serve as professors and collaborators.

Why UM School of Law?

Dean, Patricia D. White has said about the donation, “This is a wonderful gift from a great law firm and honors an extraordinary lawyer, and will allow us to offer the best International Arbitration LL.M. in the world.” The lawyer she is referring to is Carolyn Lamm  – a partner at White & Case, Co-Chair of its International Arbitration Practice for the Americas and crucially a UM School of Law alum.

A closer look at the image from Prospect Visual reveals that not only is she an alumnus, she is also closely connected (as are several of her colleagues) to important constituents at the UM School of Law. So why has White & Case chosen to throw it’s weight behind this particular School of Law? Well, regular readers of NewsVisual will be unsurprised to discover that the reason seems to have everything to do with relationships.

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