NewsVisual: JPMorgan Chase & Co. helps University of South Florida stay veteran-friendly! Prospect Visual shows the connections that made it happen.

It emerged over the weekend that the University of South Florida has received $235,750 out of a $1 million national commitment to vets’ education made by JPMorgan Chase & Co. The University of South Florida has been recognized in the past for its veteran-friendly services, being one of the few to have a free-standing Veterans Achievement Center, dedicated to provided counselling and support for former soldiers.

University President, Judy Genshaft said,“This is such a meaningful gift. It directly benefits a group of students that mean so much to the USF community.” The donation has been earmarked to help develop services such as employment assistance – resume and interview preparation, mentorships, and academic enhancement for veterans at risk of dropping out.

Below, an image from Prospect Visual shows some of the mutual connections and overlapping relationships that helped the school land nearly a quarter of the amount that JPMorgan Chase & Co committed nationally.

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