NewsVisual: Star Wars filmmaker George Lucas and wife donate $25 million to University of Chicago

Star Wars filmmaker George Lucas and his wife Mellody Hobson an investment firm executive donated $25 million to University of Chicago for the development of the school’s new arts hall which will support new programs in theater, visual arts and music.

The new “Gordon Parks Arts Hall” will open at the University of Chicago’s Hyde Park campus in 2015 and is named after a photographer, musician and film director who came to Chicago in 1929 at the age of 17, who began as a photographer for LIFE magazine and then later went on to become an influential Hollywood film directors.
George Lucas quoted: “We believe in the power of art to transform lives and communities, Gordon Parks’ work did just that. Keeping his example at the heart of one of the nation’s outstanding urban schools will serve to inspire future generations for many years to come.”

When it comes to high profile donors such as Lucas, it is certain that there are many causes and organizations vying for their patronage. The image from Prospect Visual shows a snapshot of the key relationships that George Lucas and his wife had with University of Chicago which may have been crucial factors when it came to making their decision to donate. 


NewsVisual: University of Guelph football coach, Stu Lang, donates $10 million to Queen’s University

It was a promise Stu Lang made to his wife when they set up a charitable foundation – to support education and facilities primarily in the schools that they have attended. Last week it was revealed that he kept his promise by donating $10million to Queens University to revive its stadium.

Stu Lang quoted:  “The hope was that as lead donor, I would inspire some of the other alumni and people connected with the university to step up.”

Stu Lang graduated from the Queen’s University in 1974 with his Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering and also met his wife while he was there. His history with the school is a long one, despite his current association with the University of Guelph and you can see below an image from Prospect Visual, which shows some of the key relationships Lang has with Queens University constituents. Together with the promise he made to his wife – these are the relationships which may have helped influence his $10 million gift.


NewsVisual: GWU to receive $80 million from philanthropists, Michael Milken and Summer Redstone… See the influencers behind their donation!

Last week it was announced that George Washington University was set to receive $80 million in three gifts connected to two philanthropists – Michael Milken and Summer M Redstone.

Redstone’s charitable foundation will provide $30 million over five years to establish a global center for prevention and wellness… Around $40 million over five years will then come from the Milken Institute to support the university’s young and growing school of public health and the school will also receive a further $10 million spread over this year and next from the Milken Family Foundation.

The Milken Institute and Redstone gifts each break a record for the school that was set in 2011, through a partnership with the Textile Museum that resulted in $25 million for the school. Below an image from Prospect Visual shows the influencers behind these record-breaking gifts. On the left are the two donors with the map showing their connections to high-ranking constituents at GWU.


NewsVisual: Mike Millegan donates $300,000 to Angelo State University. Prospect Visual shows his close relationship to his alma mater.

Yesterday the The Texas Tech University System Board of Regents announced that the ASU weight room in the Junell Center will be renamed the Ben and Alvetta Kelly weight room after a generous donation from Mike Millegan.

Millegan’s explains why he wanted the name, “Ben Kelly opened up the doors at ASU so that many African American athletes could follow his footsteps. Leader is how I define him. He has displayed the courage, strength and unselfishness to breakthrough and make a difference. I’m inspired by him and his wife Alvetta’s dedication to serving and improving the lives of others, but specifically the African American community.”

Millegan made a gift of US $ 300,000 and in addition to funding renovations in the weight room, this donation will be used to create the Michael H Millegan Academic Athletic Enhancement Endowment. Mike Millegan was a member of ASU’s football team in 1978 and has maintained close relations with his alma mater. Prospect Visual has provided us with a visual map of some of these relationships.

As we analyze more and more donations made by individuals or foundations to certain schools, it becomes apparent that there are always strong relationships between the donors and individuals associated with the institution receiving the donations.

NewsVisual: McCombs School of Business receives $5 million from the Zlotniks. Prospect Visual analyzes the relationship the couple have with the school.

The McCombs School of Business of The University of Texas at Austin, received US $5 million from former alumni Bob and Marcie Zlotnik. The couple announced that their donation would go towards the funding of a new graduate business building that will increase teaching-space upgrade meeting facilities of the AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center as well as add 525 on-campus parking spaces. The building will be connected to the AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center with a shared ballroom, which will be named after the Zlotniks.

Keary Kinch, alumni director for the McCombs School of Business commented, “These gifts do not just fall out of the sky. The Zlotniks have been friends with the school for a very long time.”
Below an image from Prospect Visual demonstrates some of those friendships.

NewsVisual: JPMorgan Chase & Co. helps University of South Florida stay veteran-friendly! Prospect Visual shows the connections that made it happen.

It emerged over the weekend that the University of South Florida has received $235,750 out of a $1 million national commitment to vets’ education made by JPMorgan Chase & Co. The University of South Florida has been recognized in the past for its veteran-friendly services, being one of the few to have a free-standing Veterans Achievement Center, dedicated to provided counselling and support for former soldiers.

University President, Judy Genshaft said,“This is such a meaningful gift. It directly benefits a group of students that mean so much to the USF community.” The donation has been earmarked to help develop services such as employment assistance – resume and interview preparation, mentorships, and academic enhancement for veterans at risk of dropping out.

Below, an image from Prospect Visual shows some of the mutual connections and overlapping relationships that helped the school land nearly a quarter of the amount that JPMorgan Chase & Co committed nationally.