NewsVisual: Kent & Missy McCarthy donate $1.25 million to Kansas State University. Find out why…

It was reported yesterday in the University Herald that Kent and Missy McCarthy, both alumni of the University of Kansas have made a gift of $1.25 million to the schoolwith the intention of the funds going towards the building of a new building for the business school.

The donation is not the first the couple have made to the school. There were also donations of $500,000 and $10 million for the School of Business in 2001 and 2007 respectively. The couple have also pledged $2 million to a charitable foundation managed by the University, as the first installment of an overall $10 million donation.

This long-term history of donations to the school is almost certainly rooted in the couple’s close ties to their alma mater and prominent individuals at the institution. By analyzing and cross-referencing billions of relationships from the Prospect Visual global database, we can show the mutual connections and overlapping relationships that Kenth McCarthy has with constituents of KU.

With so many strong relationships, it’s no wonder the McCarthy’s continue to bestow generous gifts to their former school.

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